About Me

Why write a blog?

Tennis, motorbike and horse riding mad, I have been living in Italy since 2005.

In that time I have been divorced, lived for some years with my (now ex.) Italian partner and his parents (and my kids), but now enjoy my fabulous life here in la bella Italia.

I have encountered so many things during my time here, some little, some dramatic,some comical and have so much to share. Every time I meet someone new from outside of Italy, they ask me lots of questions about life here and when I tell them my real-life stories they all say, “you’ve just got to write this down, no one would believe it!”

So, here it is.

I live on top of a mountain in a tiny village with my three kids (now quite big), our dog and cat. Every day is different, crazy, peaceful, unexpected.

I write about my experiences here and abroad. Some stories are funny, some borne out of frustration. I’ll include survival tips, health anecdotes and information as well as general day to day living and there’ll be flash backs to past stuff. I don’t mean to offend but life here is of extremes. Sometimes fabulous, and as I said before, sometimes frustrating.

I love living here though and wouldn’t change a thing, and yes my friends are right, I need to write it all down. Life isn’t always as you expect it to be and what ever happens it’s “meglio così” (better that way).
LIfe in Italy, lifestyle, surviving in la bella Italia