Rockabilly Romano

I went out with my Italian girl friends last Saturday to San Giuliano Terme which is just outside of Pisa.

We went to see a friend of ours, Ricky Rialto who is a rather handsome Rockerbilly Roman singer/guitarist with a band who specialises in 50’s rock and roll music. The concert was hosted by a bar / restaurant Route 66 which is done out in the style of an American diner. Well, the Italian idea of an American diner!

Here in Tuscany non Italian venues are popular such as Irish pubs, American style eateries etc. I don’t personally think that these places compare with a traditional Italian pizzeria or Osteria and a slice of tasty pizza or bowl of pasta as well as a great atmosphere but as these things are relatively new here they have particular novelty value.

We had a bite to eat so I will post a review of this shortly and had just finished eating when the music began at 22.30. One thing to remember is that here in Italy it is normal for the entertainment to start quite late.

As usual, Ricky played a great set. He had a table of followers (not just us) some of whom were great jive dancers and who were quite happy to show us some steps. We were thrilled to have “had a go” an my friends, all of who dance regularly but the Salsa and latino dances, want to learn to dance the “boogie woogie” as they call it.

The night was over at around 1.30 and we made our way home