Summer Sagras and Other Distractions

Hey, where did the time go?

My last post was at the start of summer and we’re now here on the edge of wintertime.

Not good enough I hear you say, and I agree. I looked at my blog last week and I got started almost a year ago. I was full of enthusiasm of how great it would be telling you all about living in Italy-

Well it isn’t that good really, mainly because I’ve had a lot of distractions and I travel in the summer and there are tons of events on in this area of Tuscany. We have sagras where we all flock to local venues such as school play grounds, sports fields or church gardens or land, where we eat good, simple meals prepared using wonderfully fresh, seasonal local ingredients. Top that with lashings of local and cheap wine or prosecco, a band and dancing and you’ve got a fun evening.

These sagras normally pay homage to a certain food such as polenta or pork or chestnuts but generally you go and eat a good plate of pasta, a second course and a pudding. Who could ask for more on a balmy summer evening!




sagras in Italy

So, back to my blog, I have decided to be myself and to share my experiences properly. I’m off to Milan for a few days next week so I’ll be reporting on my trip there.

Other up and coming events include the Christmas markets at Florence, oh and the chocolate festival, yet again, from Barga!

Sagra in Tuscany