Well summer is here and my little town is full of visitors and starting to get very lively.

It’s the last day of school before the long 3 month summer holiday snd the tradition is that the kids soak themselves with water before going home.

I love the warm weather particularly the  breakfast ritual. Going the bar for a pastry and cappuccino to watch Italian life go by. My town has a Saturday market and so there’s lots of action, friends meeting, cheek kissing, hands frantically moving to embellish the conversation….. Love it all.

At around 12.30 things start to quieten here. Local people are conscious of the 1pm lunch deadline and town empties out. The only ones left at the bar are visitors who lunch there and take in the sunshine.

My cappucino cup is empty. I have chatted and met up with some old friends but  I am semi-local so I’m anxious to get back home for my pasta

Summer’s here!